Motherhood as Meditation women’s t-shirt


Each piece is handprinted with care at our tiny studio in Bristol using our ‘slow-tech’ silk screen printing process.  We handprint each piece individually which results in a unique print each time. 

We have carefully selected American Apparel tees, for their commitment to ethical manufacturing and for the super softness and quality fit of their tees. They wash well and keep their shape, it’s the highest quality garment we could find.  

We use water based inks which are hand mixed by us each time we print.  Water based inks are kinder to the environment during the printing process and result in a super soft print that gets softer with time rather than cracking.

This is not about manufacturing on a massive scale, this is not about conformity and perfection. This is about uniqueness, individuality and finding beauty in each and every piece.

Please note that we print to order, so there could potentially be up to a week turnaround time between placing your order and it being shipped.  It’ll be well worth the wait, we promise.

XS 28/30″ S 30/32″ M 32/34″ L 36/38″ XL 40/42”



  • MOTHERHOOD AS MEDITATION: Sneak preview of a very special t-shirt. I hand lettered this phrase as a reminder to myself that parenting is THE practice and as it’s so special to me, Luis made up a screen and hand printed it on to a tee for me.

    I wore it with a little bit of trepidation for the first time when we visited Glastonbury a few days ago. I haven’t worn a slogan tshirt since I was a teenager so it felt a bit exposing to tell you the truth. But, I did debut it in the right place, someone even stopped me in the centre of Glastonbury, opposite the abbey to tell me how much they loved it. It totally made my day! … These t-shirts will eventually make it to our online shop but if you’re interested before then feel free to DM me 😍

Instagram:  slow_living_squad   08/08/17


Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 27 x 30 x 2.5 cm

Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


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