• Limited Edition
  • Help for Mexico in the aftermath of the earthquake

    Here at Slow Living Squad we have a strong link with Mexico. I was born and grew up in Mexico, Pip studied and later moved back there, we had an amazing little Language School, got married. We try to go as much as possible, our daughters love it.

    It is an amazing surrealistic country and I say it in the best possible way, there’s always going on, sounds, smells, colours. With all the problems the country can have like corruption or violence, it’s always the people that makes Mexico a great place, we’ve seen it with the recent earthquakes that hit Oaxaca and other southern states as well as Mexico City. People going out to the street and helping rescuing, sharing, being generous. We want to contribute helping people in Mexico who suffered from the earthquakes by giving all the earnings of this t-shirt towards a counselling service offering help to those suffering from post-traumatic stress.

    The illustration of this t-shirt is by a very good friend of ours and collaborator Julio Chavez. here we have this cheeky skeleton from the day of the dead (our favourite Mexican celebration) eating corn on the cob; corn being an essential part of the Mexican diet and the font is inspired in the Olympic games celebrated in Mexico in 1968 for that retro feeling. Hope you like our new design and want to help people who really need our help.

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  • Be where you are

    I just read an article about travel in India and how it inspired the featured artist’s work… my immediate thought was, ‘oh my god, I have to go that exact place in India so I too can discover my artistic talents.’ My second thought was ‘how the hell am I going to do that?!’ And my third thought was, ‘actually I don’t need to go anywhere, I can start right here’.

    I’m sharing because I found the initial idea so seductive, as though the only way I could access my inner artist, and spirituality was by going somewhere else.

    But, as I’ve experienced, going somewhere else I’ve still been me. I’ve had wonderful moments of spiritual awakening and moments of total and utter dullness of paying bills and working boring jobs. This happens both in Mexico and in the U.K. although just saying I lived in Mexico sounds exotic. …
    By dropping right into that very moment of awareness, I can access my very self; it doesn’t matter if I’ve been sat on the sofa on the millionth round of breastfeeding and bored out of my skull or trekking through the desert in Mexico on a spiritual quest or sat at my desk in the office, I am still me in that very moment wherever I am… and that’s the perfect place for me to be. …. I’d love to hear if your experiences of dropping into the moment, where’s your favourite place to do this? 😍